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        谭李青是一位视觉艺术家,2015年毕业于美国印第安纳大学伯明顿分校获艺术学士学位,2018年研究生毕业于英国伦敦大学学院,斯莱德美术学院获艺术硕士学位。2018年,她入选英国Graduation Art Prize奖项,并被Saatchi Art评选为最值得关注的艺术新星之一(Rising Stars Class of 2018)。2019年,获英国Dentons Art Prize一等奖,并于意大利米兰Studio d'arte Cannaviello Gallery举办个人画展,同年入选英国Signature Art Prize奖项、英国Bridgeman Studio Award奖项。2020年入选第303届英国皇家艺术家协会年度展览;入选英国Contemporary Young Artist Award;获威尔斯当代艺术奖(Wells Art Contemporary Awards)的下一代艺术家奖( Next Generation Art Prize);并于2021年在英国Andelli Art Gallery举办个人画展。






The mystery of visualizing body as landscape and landscape as body leads me to think of the unique forms in figures the same time may display as giant landscape. Zooming into a specific gesture, or connecting the body part with the surroundings, or turning a landscape into a shape of body part (or the other way around) in order to create something new are one part of the concepts I have been working on.


Creating an unreality space or capture a subtle moment are important elements of my works as well. Seeking to create strange atmospheres in compositions, mixing ambiguous elements with dramatic features to ultimately represent the co-existence and complexity of human feelings. Asking questions, or imagining a scenario, like what happens when human disappear, artificiality are left behind.

These are series of daily routine. An ambiguous story line about things appear and disappear, intimacy and separation, missing and forgetting, discovering and reflecting, getting closer and getting far away, focusing and diverging.

It is about record, speculation, imagination, and recreation.