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It is a series of my painting of daily routine.Part of them from photographs, the other are through the combination between photos and modified, I also changed the original color and composition. In this process, there are always many interesting and fantastic ideas emerge.I am trying to use the way which is similar to the "low pixel" photography form to brush, I love to draw the casual and even some awkward color to make a strange atmosphere in painting. 

In our life ,there are too many ordinary thing we all do not recognize, also have too much fun but we haven't found. I really enjoy record, speculation, imagination and recreation. 

This series of oil painting with blue tone as the theme is inspired by camera filters in the warm color attune and visibility. I usually take both of adjustment to a minimum, to highlight the blue, mysterious and grotesque flat effect.

For example, in the usual life I often touched by some strange things, then I collect relative images, and through the imagination and association, I draw some draft. The whole process was very fluency, I do not think too much, I just get a brush to paint.

Aha moment , 36*36 cm , oil on canvas
Aquarium , 36*36 cm , oil on canvas
Peep , 36*36 cm , oil on canvas
The woman , 36*36 cm , oil on canvas
Winter , 36*36 cm , oil on canvas
In the rain , 36*36 cm , oil on canvas
Ropeway , 36*36 cm , oil on canvas

At ordinary times through films, paintings and experimental music, I had a strong interest in the plant environment.

I take lots of photos of strange plants and the green environment and people's relationship.

What is the relationship between human and plants ? How can they achieve two-dimensional effect through space environment and reach a unique atmosphere? Then I created a series of stories about plants to get something new.

Lost , 41*41cm , oil on canvas
Safe , 36*36 cm , oil on canvas
Untitled , 36*36 cm , oil on canvas
California Holiday , 36*36 cm , oil on canvas
Untitled , 36*36 cm , oil on canvas
Shell , 41*41 cm , oil on canvas
Hotspring , 36*36 cm , oil on canvas

In this series, I tried the low contrast, tonal and fuzzy of the brush is given priority to with characters,it is still comes from modifications and combination of the daily photos, the paintings are full of strange, but ambiguous meaning.

The Corner , 36*36 cm , oil on canvas
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